Tantrik Ganesh

Here is the hidden meaning behind this original piece:

In the Tantrik tradition, Ganesh is honored first - He is Vinayaka: the Remover of Obstacles. In that spirit, this image represents the triumph of creativity over the base obstacles of life - towards enlightenment.

In his left hands he holds a lotus flower (the goal, enlightenment) and a Scroll (the word and deed made manifest). In his lower right hand he holds a brush (creative expression or idea) and his upper right hand bestows the boon of fearlessness.

The Unalome designs (magical script) that surround his form, are symbolic expressions of the path to enlightenment itself, originating in the ancient Pali script still seen and used in SE Asia today.

Choosing to wear this image is no simple thing, it is a declaration that you agree to move with Ganesha's Shakti (energy) and transform your obstacles accordingly.

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