Tattoo Vinyasa Packages

Engage Your Deepest Desire and Illuminate your True Nature in the most transformational practices still being engaged today.   

Ever had a tattoo experience NOT turn out so well?  Did you ever feel that your tattoo artist wasn't listening or didn't care?  Do you feel that your tattoo time is sacred but aren't sure how to make it that way?  Would you like to work with a tattooist who has integrated sacred ceremony, energy work, breathwork, psychology AND the craft of tattooing into a complete system and personally curated experience?   

Dive deep into your next tattoo with adept Tantrik Yogi, Meditator and Tattooist Jon Osiris. Jon will help you: 

-Get clear on what you really want to manifest with your next piece by using self enquiry techiniques, correct symbolism, placement and more

- Learn how prepare yourself to receive your markings mentally, physically and beyond so that each tattoo you get thereafter can reach its utmost in alignment with your true nature. 

- Share the secrets of moving beyond physical pain and how to process energy during the Tattoo Vinyasa process instead of numbing creams and topicals that only make things worse when they wear off.  

- Learn the correct aftercare both internal and external that will help both skin and internal organs stay happy and resilient without compromising your immune system.  

- And a whole lot more!