Tattoo Vinyasa Events

Revolutionize the way you get Tattooed 

Learn the hidden secrets of Tattoo Vinyasa in this one day workshop, shared by Tantrika and Tattooist Jon Osiris. 

Join in a day of ritual observance, meditation and thorough investigation of the catalyzing spark of the tattoo experience, while immersed in Classical Tantrik philosophy and practice. 

Topics include:

Tantra, Mantra and Yantra

Theory, Practice and the Empowered Will


The Symbol of the Ultimate - Basics of Use and Construction

Nath Puja

 Learn and participate this ancient and harmonizing practice of worshipful alignment.

The Body as Yantra

Mindfully adorning the human body as the ultimate yantra.

Symbol Prana

Symbolic meaning, language and energetic technology - choosing the right markings

Dermal Darshan

The 7 steps that transform the tattoo experience

Plus- Guided meditations, group interaction and much more.

*Please note - There will be NO tattooing taking place at the workshop.  Osiris may have time for private sessions afterwards - please email him directly for information -