Enhanced Cosmic Portal Blanket/Tapestry
Enhanced Cosmic Portal Blanket/Tapestry
The Sacred Serpent

Enhanced Cosmic Portal Blanket/Tapestry

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A big come-up on the original Cosmic Portal design,  this is our first foray into textiles! 

We are super proud to present The Enhanced Cosmic Portal!  This super limited edition throw / blanket / tapestry will keep you warm on those cool mornings or evenings, cozy you up on the couch, adorn your altar or yoga space, and inspire you to dive deeper in meditation.  

What is the Cosmic Portal?  It is an abstract form of Creation herself...  the generative force of the universe.  She is Maha Shakti, the Great Goddess who gives substance to all things.  Conceptually, this image represents growth, birth, manifestation, depth, energy, vibrance, and the continual movement of life.... and that is just the outer sections of the design!   Move your gaze to the triangle in the center of the image and then to the Bindu, the still point.  Breathe evenly, relax the body, and when you have focused here for a dozen or so breath cycles, close your eyes.  Let your body-mind dissolve into the Cosmic Portal and attain wholeness of being.  

This is the only run EVER - Dont Sleep!

72" x  54"

95% Cotton / 5% Rayon woven right here in the USA.

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