Lakshmi Rising Yantra Tee
Lakshmi Rising Yantra Tee
The Sacred Serpent

Lakshmi Rising Yantra Tee

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This design was created expressly for Lakshmi Rising, a yoga school which is nestled in the lush jungle in Costa Rica and run by our friend and Brand Ambassador, Dr. Liz Lindh.

The Avatar or “vehicle” of Goddess Lakshmi, which is an owl, actively places the jewel within the lotus as water circulates around the alchemical container. Material wealth is symbolized by the coins embedded in the hermetically sealed alembic, which arises from the golden Lakshmi Yantra diagram below. Alignment with Lady Lakshmi confers wealth, happiness and good fortune, as well as the circulation of these elements into your life.

We know you will enjoy all the wealth and exchange that wearing this image brings, especially graduates of Lakshmi Rising Yoga Teachers and Faculty!

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