Nath Kula Kaula Gathering: Maha Mudra - May 20-25 Mayo,FL
Nath Kula Kaula Gathering: Maha Mudra - May 20-25 Mayo,FL
Nath Kula Kaula Gathering: Maha Mudra - May 20-25 Mayo,FL
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Nath Kula Kaula Gathering: Maha Mudra - May 20-25 Mayo,FL

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Salutations and happy 2024- The year of the Dragon has commenced!  The Sacred Serpent Shop is happy to announce 2 sponsored events this year for the INO.  Some may be aware that Triads are a time-honored favorite within the International Nath Order.  With that in mind, Sri Vijayanath was asked and after adequate deliberation, agreed to return to Florida for a THIRD gathering!

While this event will NOT be “THE” Annual INO Mela, (see the complete 2024 event list for more info) it has been foreseen as a potent opportunity to “Seal” what has been opened there and direct energies toward new chapters and possibilities.   

Things are set to change at Kula Farms in the near future with the sale of the property and so it is an excellent opportunity to gather once more at this space and engage the Magick and Mystery of our Siddha Lineage.

For those unfamiiar, in the spring of 2022, a new Dhuni (Ritual Fire Pit) was welcomed and inaugurated on this land near the Suwannee River in Florida.  It has come to be known as “Kali” Dhuni.  We; Initiates, Aspirants and Friends of the INO, returned in 2023 to connect and perform our sacred mystic rites, and it has continued to be used as a beautiful hub of community ritual and transformation.  Join us as we again seek our divine reflection and also effectively “Decommission” Kali Dhuni as part of this Kaula gathering along with other concerted efforts, and exercises.   

Endings are just as important as beginnings.  They mark the closing of doors, so new ones may open and it is important to close such portals once they have served their purpose.

Participants will be guided in the practices of Mantra, Mudra, and Meditation as primary, along with Solo and Group Energy Work,  Pranayama, Awareness Training and Therapeutic Movement.

For most participants this equates to powerful moments of Awakening, Transformation and BLISS!  If you feel called to attend please read on for more details.

This Gathering is open to Initiates and Aspirants of the INO as well as the general public. 

Available Space: 20 People

The usual pattern is to engage a minimum of 3 times per day as a group:

1- Meditation at Morning Twilight

2- Discussion and Movement in the afternoon

3-Ritual at Evening Twilight. 

A full daily Itinerary for this event will be posted for you on-site.

Arrangements and Travel: 

Registered Participants should arrive on-site by 6pm on May 19, 2024.  The Nath Kula Kaula Gathering officially begins at twilight the next morning.

Nearest Flight hub is JAX - Jacksonville, Florida. There will be transportation available for those who can arrive by 3pm on May 19th. 

From JAX it is a 2 hour drive to the property.

Closing Rites for this Gathering will be on the night of May 25th.  We will pack out the following morning and it is recommended you arrange to return to JAX (2 hrs drive) on the afternoon at the of the 26th at the earliest for your flight home. Carpools will be arranged.

Both beds and camping options are available for your stay and 3 meals/day plus snacks are included during the event. 

Complete details and information will be provided after you finish registration. 

**You MUST follow the link in the payment confirmation email in order to complete your registration. **

We Look Forward to Seeing You There!  

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