Faces Of Shakti : DURGA

Dhuni fire ritual sacred shakti

Shakti is primordial force, power and energy.  It is the active principle of consciousness, considered feminine in nature, and the power that Shiva wields.

The second in this limited series is Durga!  She is the Mother Goddess, often depicted with multiple arms holding as many weapons and riding a tiger or lion.  Her name comes from the root Durg, which means "fortress" and indicates her capacity for being steadfast and impassable to would-be assailants.  She represents many things including purity, protection, destruction, war and the Creatrix of the Universe... There is nothing inconsequential about MA Durga!  

This limited edition collection combines the three eyed face of Durga with her Yantra.. a geometric form also incorporating Lord Shiva's trishuls as accents on the points of the outer upward triangles.  Mahadevi's (Durga) downward triangle is colored RED.   The Tiger is her vehicle and this Mandala  is most often placed on the reverse of many of the garments in this collection, so that her fiercesome and aloof presence is guarding your back.

We hope you enjoy having Ma Durga's likenesses in several forms as you move throughout your day, reminding you to be victorious in all of your pursuits!