Faces of Shakti: KALI

Shakti is primordial force, power and energy.  It is the active principle of consciousness, considered feminine in nature, and the power that Shiva wields.

The first in the Faces of Shakti series is Kali.  Fearsome and bloodthirsty, Kali is the embodiment of divine wrath, destroying the demons of delusion and distraction for her disciples.  In a world of compromise, Kali does not - WILL not.  Whether it is in a field of demons from the outside, or your own ego-demons from within, her energy destroys untruth. Kali represents a violent and primordial force of nature, which is a necessary component in cycles both minute and grand.  

Kali's energy purifies.  As Shiva is "the destroyer" Kali purges that which must die in order for new evolutions to come forth.  Such is the dance of the divine mystery.  

Jai Ma Kali!